Cabinet Features

  • Oak veneered, hand sanded, stained and varnished to a high gloss.
  • Blower tray assembly slides out.
  • Easily accessible electronics.
  • Wrap-around acrylic window.
  • Replaceable air filters.
  • Non-marking casters.
  • Trimmed in brass.

Operator's Display

Displays all pertinent game information.

The caller is in complete control of all hall monitors.

Download the introductory manual

See a sample of the on-line Pattern Maker tutorial (requires the ShockWave plug-in)

Verification of Card
Message set-up for hall monitors/TV
Keyboard for on-screen typing
Display screen to adjust game speed

Monitor Displays

Messages for hall, ads for snack bar and special events Winning card display Game display - pattern in play, last number called
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