The best, most innovative bingo system on the market. Offers the highest standards in design, technology and ease of operation. Developed to be user-friendly, the advanced software allows the console to virtually operate itself. What more could a hall manager want or callers ask for in a verification system?

Unique Features

  • Touch Screen Technology, powered by sophisticated computer software.
  • Capacity to program an entire bingo operation.
  • Virtually unlimited programming ability.
  • Calculation of prize amounts for multiple winners.
  • Programmable Ball Timer, with both visible and audible signals.
  • Date and Time display.
  • Built-in test for flashboards, and test pattern for hall monitors.
  • Memory to allow for full game retention in the event of a power loss.
  • Built-in modem, to remotely service and upgrade the console.
  • Expended library of programmed patterns, including fixed and rotating combination patterns.
  • Ability to name and store into memory all sessions and games. Password protection ensures games are not accidentally erased.
  • Voice Activated Ball (optional) allows you to record your favourite callers into memory to use again and again.
  • Full-color display shows caller all pertinent game information
  • Editable hall monitor messages let you advertise special events,snack bar menus, etc.
  • Random number generator.
  • Built-in RF modulator.
  • Output for straight video, RF signal, or Super VSF high-quality signal.
  • Optional Premiere Plus System Console, links to Stealth Console to play speciality games such as Bullseye Bingo™.
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