Q: Is there any programming involved?

A: The Stealth Console has a library of patterns and a built-in, first-of-its-kind in the industry Teaching Tutorial program that takes you step by step through programming of games, messages and prize payouts. (FAX your game schedule at time of ordering and we will program it for you!) The Ultimate offers easy step-by-step programming of your games.

Q: Will other flashboards work with these consoles?

A: Most flashboards are compatible with our systems through the use of our convertor interface, which can be ordered separately or built-in on the consoles. Please specify make and model of flashboard(s) you plan to operate.

Q: How sturdy are these bingo consoles?

A: The Stealth, Ultimate and Premiere models are made of solid plywood and finished with a durable oak veneer. The plywood base makes for sturdier - and considerably lighter-weight - consoles than others made of press- or particle board.

Q: What finishes are available?

A: The standard finish , as shown in the photographs on the console product pages, and Early American (light to medium dark). Custom colors are available upon request and include bleached oak, grey, hunter green, and black and grey.

Q: Are balls included?

A: Due to varying state and local regulations, balls are not included but can be purchased separately.

Q: Is a camera supplied?

A: It's optional. A quality, color camera can be ordered separately.

Q: What about parts and services?

A: Experienced factory-service technicians are a phone call away. Technicians will provide unlimited phone support in order to resolve maintenance or operational issues. Support help is available Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 p.m. Parts can be shipped the same day, if necessary. Loaner boards, also available.

Q: Do consoles come with any spare parts?

A: Yes, each system is shipped with extra light bulbs, fuses, and other necessary replacement parts. A service manual also is included. Additional parts may be ordered.

Q: Are the bingo systems difficult to maintain?

A: Our maintenance features make upkeep a snap. The motor slides in and out for easy access. Printed circuit boards are all on card edge connectors, so there's no soldering involved. The top panel of each unit pops open and locks upright so you can slide out the circuit boards, work on the grid area, or clean the ball hopper. Flashboards can be easily serviced while still mounted to a wall. Bulbs, fuses, and circuit boards are all located at the front of the system for easy access.

Q: Do these systems come with a warranty?

A: A two-year warranty is standard for all systems.